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Polish Pottery Place

Small Bubble Mug - Polish Pottery

$ 18.50


The bright detail of this mug's patterns will warm you as much as what you drink out of it! Hand made in Boleslawiec, Poland, it is chip and scratch resistant and lead and cadmium free. 


Height: 3"    Volume: 8oz

Pattern ID

Brown & Blue Peacock: 00500052
Stargazing: 00500085X
Blue Cornflower: 00500086X
Windy Wheatfields: 00500489AX
Yellow Blossom with Green Vine: 00500561Q
Sweet Blue & Pink Flowers (White Rim): 00500712
Sweet Blue & Pink Flowers: 00500712X
Summer Strawberries: 00500721X
Blue Rose Ribbon: 00500882X
Blue Floral Vine: 00500961X
Blue Pinwheel: 00501204X
Blue Daffodils: 00501370X
Yellow Roses: 00501511Q
Blue Hummingbird: 00501518X
Blue Rosebuds: 00501638X
Autumn Trees: 00501745X
Big White Daisy: 00501236X

Formal Garden: 00501194X

Yellow Circles: 00502220X

Brown Daisies: 00500526X

Autumn Layers: 00500050X

Light Green Leaves: 05501480X

Blue Daisy Ring: 00500562X

Peaches: 00501903Q

Coral and Yellow Flowers on White: 00501405X

Mosquito Eggs w/Dandelions: 00500377R

Mosquito Eggs w/Tulips: 00500377Z

Xs and Dots: 00500140

Orange Poppies: 00501512X

Coral Wreath: 00501212X

Spring Daffodils: 00502122X

Fancy: 00500498BX

Brown Lace: 00502081X

Golden Summer: 00500670X

Peacock w/Green: 00500054

Gold Flowers: 00500908X

Blue Roses: 00501618X

Green Daisies: 00500504Q

Red Tulips: 00501550X

Blue and White Wreath on White: 00502302X

Seashells: 00501016X

Acorns: 00501423

Mushrooms: 00500724X

Forget Me Nots: 00500614X