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Polish Pottery Place

Large Pasta Plate - Polish Pottery

$ 59.50


Not only beautiful but practical, this large plate is perfect for pastas, stews, soups and more.  Handmade in Boleslawiec, Poland, it is chip and scratch resistant, lead and cadmium free.

Diameter: 10.5"  Depth: 2.5"

Mosquito Eggs: 22200070

White Flowers: 22200247 

Blueberry Rim: 22201413X

Light Blue Flowers on White Rim: 22202251X

Peacock: 22200054

Quirky: 22200016X

Mauve Swirl: 22201870X

Light Blue Roses: 22201390X

Light Blue Swirl on Rim: 22201875X

Large Blue Flowers: 22200163X